The Good

This page is dedicated to all the small, beautiful, happy things in life that deserve to be acknowledged.

In no particular order:
(and counting…)

1. The first bite of food after feeling very hungry for hours
2. Air conditioning
3. Fat, smiling babies and babies generally
4. Dog and owner reuniting videos
5. Good hair days
6. Pretty blue flames and scented candles
7. The slight chill and change in the weather that marks the very beginnings of winter.
8. Chocolate. All day every day.
9. Forehead kisses
10. Deep slumbers that completely energize
11. Doing well in tests with little to no revision
12. When a taxi arrives the moment you walk out of the house
13. The sudden realization and understanding of a concept or theorem (particularly in maths)
14. Ice cold water after a run
15. Everything about bubble baths: the warmth, bubbles, headspace.
16. The excitement and anticipation of meeting someone you haven’t seen in a while
17. Getting a message from someone you were convinced had forgotten about you
18. Succeeding on the first go
19. Getting compliments on cooking
20. Being called funny
21. When hair gets played with
22. The smell of wet wall paint
23. Seeing an eye crinkling smile
24. When boys smell nice
25. Pocket money without asking
26. Indian food fullstop.
27. Finding the perfect word to describe a combination of feelings
28. Music that makes you feel like you’re drowning in it
29. The smell of certain kinds of plastic (like the transparent covers for books mm)
30. Sound of rain
31. Google
32. Having a helper
33. Comfortable silences
34. Froyo with oreo and digestive crumbles
35. Cuddles
36. People who notice the small things about you like ordering your favourite drink exactly the way you like it or commenting on a habit or the way you speak, certain words/phrases you say that are ‘yours’.
37. Strangers who go out of their way to be helpful
38. Listening to grandmothers or grandfathers tell their childhood stories with the same passion or excitement as they had the first time
39. Nutella from the jar
40. The power of prayer
41. God’s grace
42. Lyrics you can relate to
43. When people offer you their umbrella
44. Being told that you’re loved
45. When drivers let you off for not having enough money
46. Sunsets
47. Being so high up you’re actually in a cloud
48. Protective siblings
50. Reading a book you can’t put down
51. When old lyrics come back to mind #throwback
52. Full bar Wi-Fi
53. The look before you and your friend bursts out laughing
54. When people say they were reminded of you
55. Receiving handwritten cards and letters
56. Oversized shirts and hoodies (even better if from a boy)
57. Mis-matched socks
58. Dimples
59. Back dimples
60. Mixing cake batter mm
61. Knowing a song so well you sing the instrumentals/ little riffs no one pays attention to
62. People who light up when you enter the room
63. Hearing words of affirmation between people- knowing that love exists
64. Birthdays
65. Even tans
66. Buying the correct foundation colour
67. People who encourage you when you suck at video games/ sports/ anything.
68. People who think farts are funny
69. Cooking videos #tasty
70. When strangers bond over ‘home’ in a foreign country. #justinternationalthings
71. When people have soft hair
72. Bath bombs that dissipate into clouds of colour
73. Piggy-back rides
74. Warm sun on your skin + cool air
75. Dancing in sleet

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