Hong Kong

I now know what I miss most about Hong Kong: bathroom doors that cover most of my legs. Why is it that in America, the doors are so darn high? Nobody should be able to see my ankles. God forbid, my undies. It’s not my fault I’m short.

In LA, pedestrians take priority. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a peasant in HK, so I tend to jaywalk and get frustrated when cars don’t let me pass first. They’re always so eager. It’s learned cultural etiquette, crossing the street. I remember the awkward stuttering feet, my hands and their hands waving back and forth when I first arrived in LA. What, me? Should I go first? No, you go. Me? No, you. I wasted everyone’s time. Move out the way, bitch.

When I hopped into a Taxi from the airport, I mentioned that “I’m going home!!!!!!!” The taxi driver did not dignify me with a response. And all of a sudden, I missed Uber. I’m going home! I didn’t vomit on my 15 hour flight! I’m happy and I want to share it with someone. Tell me about your home! Are you far from it? Do you miss it? Or do you know these streets like the back of your hand? Uber is a social experience. I love that- I meet the most interesting people. I may just write under a separate category for it. Apparently Uber is at work in HK. I doubt it’s very popular; most people I’ve spoken to have never heard of it. Taxis are cheap enough and people have better things to do. Such is the mindset of HK people.

MTR tickets are more expensive than I had remembered. Green tea is a whopping $12 HKD?! What has happened since I was gone?! Not impressed. It’s also been really really hot lately. It feels like a thousand mouths breathing on me, a centimetre away from my skin. For this reason, I’ve worn bare-backed shirts. But I quickly realized that I can’t wear them in HK without creepy stares on the MTR. People do not care if you notice that they’re looking. They keep staring. And when you move, their eyes move with you. I hate it.

The skies have been shot through with flashes of light- the way an old fashioned camera snaps in slow motion. The typhoon in Taiwan has left something that “looks like an apocalypse, no joke” said my friend in Taiwan. The world is turning to shit. Post-apocalyptic films always feature people with pre-apocalyptic attitudes that mess things up for everyone. Human nature, errybody. Mad Max knows.


Muffin the kitten

I started the whole intro/extrospective thing and I can’t be bothered to edit that post every single time I learn something new or interesting. So I’m going to start a category I think.
  • Cats are affectionate. I’ve always thought they were kind of standoff-ish but my cousin bought a 40-day old British Shorthair and it is the cutest kitty I’ve ever seen. I looked up social cat behaviour and found that cats do this thing called ‘bunting’, where they rub their faces against you. They have glands on their cheeks, and rubbing against you is a sign of acceptance and affection- you’re part of the feline community! Also, slow blinks are apparently equivalent to cat kisses.
  • It’s awesome watching the baby learn and express behaviours that are obviously hard-wired in him. Muffin is adorable when he pounces on his feathery toy. His eyes narrow, never straying from the feathery tip, tail up and body hunched. He slinks closer to the toy and suddenly jumps, like a predator in the wild.
  • A stuttering problem when speaking in a native language can be lessened by speaking in a foreign language. Actors tend to lose their stutters when in character, and there are a surprising number of actors who stutter (Marilyn Monroe included). For some reason, an alter ego helps and people aren’t sure why. ??
  • I was talking to dad over dinner, learning about language acquisition. I love it when he talks like this and I always wonder if he’s going ‘lecture mode’ on me. Anyway, he talked about the semantics of an ‘or’ statement. Usually, when people say “do you want to watch the movie on Monday or Tuesday?” we assume that it’s either one or the other. Logically speaking, it should mean one or the other or BOTH. Perhaps the common assumption takes precedence as the ‘both’ option seems unnecessary.
  • Correlation between people with high IQ’s and illegal drug use. Why? Possibly high EQ and impulse control, possibly novelty seeking behaviour typical of intelligent people. Intrinsic motivation- a desire to learn for the pure pleasure of it.
  • “A possible pathway that emerges from the literature on personality is that high IQ individuals have also been shown to score highly on tests of stimulation seeking and openness to experience.”
    Read more at http://higherperspective.com/2014/05/people-higher-iqs-likely-use-illegal-drugs.html#90j1HwBbgYMyx5zS.99high IQ individuals have also been shown to score highly on tests of stimulation seeking and openness to experience.”
    White noise is the overlap of multiple frequencies- like the way white light is a combination of light waves. Black noise is effectively, no noise. There is pink, blue and purple noise, which sound like drones of different pitches. Blue is likened to the sound of sprinklers.
1. charming and attractive.

“Sophie had a sunny personality that was very engaging”
legit dictionary exemplar he he he
Is it just me or do you sometimes think: wow I can’t believe one word, my name, refers to everything that I am. When people say your name, do you ever snap your head up in response and realize that any request made or question asked links you so closely with a word? I know it’s not a profound thought… It’s more like a baby’s thought- but sometimes I feel like I’m discovering things for the first time (again).
  • I’m not good at visualizing words. When I spell things out loud, I pretend I’m typing. Somehow the letters come easier that way.
  • I hate the sound of sloshing water – added to the long list of sounds I hate. Ironing is the WORST.
  • When I fantasize about a happy place I always imagine having a child. My happy place is me telling my child a story that happened to me last year as if it happened 10 years ago. It’s my child telling me how school was. Or he/she is rambling as I’m trying to read or cook or something. Or that I’m slightly jealous that I’m not as good with kids as my husband is. Seriously that was what I was thinking before we were allowed to turn over the exam papers.
  • I stand by the idea that more sleep > more revision.


I’ve learnt some new general things:

  • Hypocorism is the fancy term for ‘pet name’. I love hypocorisms and nicknames- they remove an awkward formality to introductions. And they’re fun and sweet, especially when adopted with a story or derived from an experience.
  • Airport security uses specific, casual-sounding phrases that code for different problematic situations (in America at least).
  • An old streambed was found on Mars and the minerals in the Martian bedrock were found to be composed of the chemical building blocks of life!!1! lol
  • A Slow Loris should not be a pet. Their venemous teeth are usually pulled out, they’re hard to take care of (can’t be potty trained) and they’re treated terribly by those who capture and sell them.
  • Boycotting is difficult (maybe even ineffective) because so many brands work in conjunction with other larger companies and organizations that subsidize them. You buy from one and end up befitting the other in some way. The interconnection is crazy. Apparently, Nestlé owns close to 8,000 brands.

I’ve learnt some self stuff:

  • Sometimes I wish I had a disorder so that I can blame my inadequacies/ failures/ incompetence/ laziness on it. It’d take away the blame and responsibility from myself to make a change. Sometimes I just don’t have the will power. It’s a terrible thing to wish upon myself (and one which I’d regret if it came true).
  • I’m incredibly anxious during holidays because whilst I try to enjoy myself, I keep thinking about work and productivity. When I get home, I don’t do anything to help the situation.
  • It really bothers me when people say things about me that I do not agree with, or have an image of me that I believe to be inaccurate. It can be something as small as ‘what? I thought you didn’t like dark chocolate’. The gap between my true self and what others perceive is something I’d like to reduce because… Because what? I’ll have to think about that.
    1. It means people don’t know me as well as I’d like them to
    2. It means I give off the wrong impression (and I don’t like to be at fault here for not being ‘myself’ enough).

I’ll be adding to the lists. Why do I bother to note these things down? I just want to remember and learn things outside of the tiny bubble I live in. I don’t want to learn to impress, to sound smart, to feel superior… No! That in itself was ridiculous to type. Why put in the effort for something so shallow and superficial? I want to learn because I am a genuinely curious person. I want to learn for myself because I want to know more and be aware of things that might not concern myself at all. I realize that’s something I actually like about myself. If anyone were to share their world with me, carrying interest in their voice, an excitement in their eyes, I would be absolutely captivated.