Before I die


I’ll be adding onto this list of course.
1. sky dive
2. swim with dolphins  ~~~lol~~~
3. paint on a wall
4. learn to drive
5. go wine tasting because I’m classy like that
6. travel to Italy + ride gondala – Rome, Florence, Milan!!!
7. travel to Greece
8. travel to Switzerland and skii
9. travel to Croatia
10. paintball
11. surf
12. get married
13. have children
14. zip line – except ropes course doesn’t count
15. kiss in the rain
16. movie hop From Nightmare on Elms Street to Robin Hood because Nightmare was too scary. Didn’t last long- we got kicked out.
17. dye hair  yup, red and serious black
18. Write a note to a stranger 🙂
19. Get a dog!
20. See wolves YES REAL LIVE WOVES!!
21. put on an accent for an entire day
22. Snowboard
23. watch The Breakfastclub 
24. hitch-hike. not alone though.
25. wear coloured contacts for fun
26. get a fancy coffee machine
27. run under sprinklers.
28. go to the park at night
29. sleepover at the beach
30. go camping with friends Rave camping (arguably not the real thing).
31. go outside when there is a typhoon
32. get a polaroid camera
33. sponsor a child
34. live in new york because who doesn’t want to
35. do the splits
36. sneak onto skating rink when it is closed
37. make a pizza
38. skinny dip
39. graffiti       OOoo these are getting risque heey
40. go to TomorrowLand 😀
41. go busking
42. go to MOMA
43. go to a music festival   ESCAPE!!!!
44. go to a drive-in movie Insurgent. In the trunk with ice cream & cookies.
45. be in an MRI just because  I have a picture of my brain.
46. write a short story I’m not too embarrassed by
47. food trucks
48. read Nietzsche
49. go to a friend’s wedding
50. be a bridesmaid
51. midnight kiss on NYE
52. learn some french


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