Pine needles adorned with pearls of rain, forest green, thick milky skies.

I hear melodies in the hum of appliances. Cymbals in rattling pipes, scales in soaring airplanes.

Auburn leaves gently sweeping through the air in slow motion. Like the littlest petals. Bon Iver, maybe Bootstraps cooing. I am watching something unfold: a God-given moment.

“I love music that makes you look up at the sky”.


2 thoughts on “Fragments”

  1. That was so lovely, very evocative lines. Especially the rainy pearls.

    Might as well make this comment a little longer: I’ve been coming back to your blog occasionally throughout several years. The title just stuck with me, as did the tagline; and I like how your voice develops. I don’t practise in or believe any religion myself, so there is always a sort of disconnect for me in your posts at that point; but up until it, I feel such a familiarity of feeling. That’s a nice thing to feel.

    Thanks for sharing – and late congratulations to your birthday! 🙂

    1. Thank you Judith! I am so humbled by your kind words- thank you for revisiting. I am glad that we have shared similar moments and feelings; thank you for making me feel known. I hope you have a wonderful day- you have certainly made mine! 🙂 xx

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