At the movies

People make mistakes all the time. My friend looked up the wrong times for the movie. The popcorn people gave me a box of Pretz instead of the POCKY I requested. I didn’t even realize until the third stick, believing until then that the chocolatey bit had broken off in the packet. Not the worst thing that could happen, but a close second.


Thoughts on Jason Bourne the movie? Older, silverfox Matt Damon with the muscles is very attractive. Alicia Vix is also very attractive. I’m glad they didn’t hook up in the end- would’ve been too predictable.


Before the movie, we went to MacDonald’s. You either eat a salad, or you go all out at MacDonald’s.
“Dinner with a view”, he said. We sat on a platform, watching people line up for their orders.
“You want to hook up with him, don’t you?” he jested, pointing to a very saggy Tommy Lee Jones. I love the feeling when the spirit of laughter is held in the air. Tingly. Like it could all come crashing down.


You again. I’m blind to the flipping cars on screen. I’m fighting off your hands at my thighs. We’re sitting on the porch and it’s night time- our playground. You’re telling me about your heritage, where your dad comes from or something of the sort. It’s that dark eyed look I remember. And then I let it go, returning my attention to the billion dollar set being destroyed.


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