About last night

  1. Sweaty weather sans underwear is not a good idea.
  2. I will not shout over club music to get a point across to anyone.
  3. When angry meets angry, nothing is solved; gentleness wins every time.
  4. No club is worth arguing with bouncers at the door or negotiating entry fees.
  5. I do not like flirting to get freebies. For anyone. It feels immoral.
  6. It’s not my fault when someone takes an interest in me.
  7. But I do not like how I let my eyes drift to you just cause it’s nice to be wanted.
  8. I don’t like having only been awake for six hours when the sun is setting.

On the bright side…

  1. I went home scotch-free. Ha. Not the slightest bit tipsy the whole night!
  2. Got cute snaps of us ladies for once.
  3. DJ put on some feel-good throwback music #usherusherusher #atnightithinkofyou  #crazyinluv
  4. It’s always a pleasure to watch G dance. T-rex hands and jerking movements.
  5. The bouncers and bartenders do remember. Some of them are genuinely kind (which is why I feel like a dickwad).
  6. I only paid for transportation and food.
  7. I brought home chicken and chips for my sister and she (& I) loved it this morning.
  8. I didn’t flash anyone!!

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