boyfriend x boyfriend

We are going to have boyfriends we will each befriend. We’re going to be so happy for each other- you guys do look really good together. And so will your children. I’ll notice the way he looks at you, the way you laugh in unison. And as we order, I’ll notice that he smiles to himself as you float over the menu and exclaim how you want French Toast, only to change your mind as you flip to the next page.
“Ohmygod Sophie, everything looks so good”, you’ll feign a pained expression.
He’ll direct you: “why don’t you get the eggplant one?”
“I’ve been craving Toast!”
“Yeah, but you’ve been telling me to forbid it.”
“Okay fine. It’d be the fourth time this week”, you laugh.
He’ll pour water for you, then for himself, and then our boyfriends will talk. Instantly, there’s a sense of brotherly camaraderie, and slowly, we’re not needed in conversation. They’ll leave each other with slaps on the back and a see ya later man, until next time.
I’ll tell you: “I see why you like him so much”.


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