This year more than ever have my eyes been opened to the love around me. I am so grateful to have my family. Just this evening, coming back into a dimly lit house, without my brother… I felt a little bit emptier, heavier. And when he came back, I felt my mood lift. No wonder grandma wants us home, just for the sake of us being home.
My brother cares for me deeply and wants the best for me. He recommends only good things for me: his favourite Psychology classes, water bottles with the most refined filters, health supplements, green drinks and infrared saunas (#hip, #LAfit). He is so patient– I saw this in the way he poured baking soda painstakingly over the mattress so that I would have a clean bed. Funny seeing a bed like a powdered doughnut. He was so patient when the vacuums stopped working and we crouched by the bin to drain the bag of nastiness. He loves me in the way he knows best, by giving and sharing the best of what he’s encountered. I know that there is nothing in this world he will not shield me from. I never have to worry.

And my extended family! I have a group chat that is constantly firing. Birthdays, graduations, illnesses, job anxieties. We all congratulate and thank each other. We all give advice: you should talk to the baby every day in both languages, you should play her this type of music. You should try this soup, go to this restaurant on your holiday. We are all praying for you and we will thank God for His goodness together. We share in each other’s joys and sufferings and it is such a blessing.

Lord I see your love through my family.


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