Wish list

The truth is that I wish I had a dog on my lap. I wouldn’t mind the fur on my leggings. I wish I could pick up the guitar and play jazz chords without thinking. I’d like to feel like Ed Sheeran. I wouldn’t mind being ginger. I wish I knew what good cheese tasted like. And how to describe good cheese. And where the best cheese is manufactured. I wouldn’t mind being French, feeding my daughter diluted wine with her kids meal. And I wish I could breathe underwater and scout for beautiful shells and dead starfish to adorn my hair. I wish I could trade dead starfish for a living. I wouldn’t mind being a mermaid. And if it weren’t so crazy, I wouldn’t mind if you’d spend some time smiling to my current favourite songs. Racing to the tops of mountains with me- mostly waiting for me. And if you think I’m funny, wait till I burn the house down whilst making us pancakes. It’s the thought that counts, right?

I can’t have it all, can I.


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