I’m fond of ya

My show of affection is not deliberate, much like when a dog bounds to the door and wags its tail. It’s not something I think about, but it’s akin to a shot of caffeine. I glow around you. You have made me this way. I blossom for you. You bring out the best in me.

I proclaim to the world that you are significant. I tell people about you. I want them to know things about you, things that I like. I am convincing them that you are great.

I remember you.

I don’t cuddle you all that often. I may lie on you and slump on you because I’m comfortable or I want to annoy you with my suffocating body weight. I may make you handmade crafts on your birthday, tell you our anecdotes and keep you in mind. But most importantly, I choose to act in a loving way even when I don’t agree with you and actually want to punch you.

Although I may not necessarily give you a lot of my time, when I do see you, I listen. I take you in. The things you says, the way you say them. I want to remember you and the things that make me love you. I tell you I love you. Thank you. I take your arm in mine or embrace you. I love you.

I tend to touch you more. And it’s a combination of all the above.


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