That’s interesting

Interesting people are interesting because they teach you something. About kombucha tea and chia seeds, the formation of knots from repairing muscles in their shoulders, the panopticon structure, the way cryptography works. About enzyme supplements and DMT trips and trips to bakeries in obscure european towns. We like interesting people because we like learning. There’s novelty in learning and you want to be surprised. Maybe I’m only interesting because of the people I meet. I love studying them and I want to expand. I take and I gather that beauty inside me and explode with the things I have learned.

Or maybe you’re interesting because you’re not me. How are we the same and how are we different? Which leg do you push off of when you skate? What’s your favourite ice-cream flavour? I can’t believe you eat celery. Maybe you’re interesting because I haven’t conquered you yet. But I never truly will. You’re not me. On that note, we’re all interesting, I guess. Just depends whether or not I’m bothered with the details.

This is what being interesting means to me. Language is a shortcut for the many metaphors and experiences that compare. The word is defined by the individual’s experience, and so we need more words to describe the one.


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