You are more attentive, more aware of what is already there. Flavours acute, beautiful things made more beautiful because you are fixated on the details of what it is. Broken into pieces and made more intense; the sum of it all. Each vessel lit up like broad-beamed floodlights. It was always this way. You were just numb to it.

Like, your stomach is expanding, appetite growing for more experience, more of life. Things are so good and I don’t want to stop.

Perhaps what we see when we close our eyes, the shapes we imagine and the colours we envision are real. Suppose what we see in our mind, those things we believe to be distortions are the truth. Our waking lives are tunnel-visioned. We live through a filter. It is a filtered reality. We know this is true (we live through a filter) but to what extent? Is the inside out? Have I created or did it already exist?


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