Thoughts on sex

Since I’m on a roll about Christianity, I’m going to talk about sex. Yay!!!!! It seems to be everybody’s favourite subject. With university less than a few months away, I can’t shy away from the lions den- that is, a massive meeting ground for hormonal men and women. Not to say that people can’t control themselves, but the hookup culture is very real.

I’ve heard anecdotes of christian girls becoming extremely promiscuous and guys who just want to bang. LOL I don’t like that word (but shag is worse). If you’re impressionable, you’re going to be swayed. And that is what worries me because I’ve always been a bit of a people-pleaser (trying to change that) and I do really like cute guys. See, a lot of people think christian girls just have no interest in sex whatsoever. As if we’re some kind of sub-species that wants nothing to do with sweaty boys with nice arms and muscular backs etc. But they’re so wrong HA HA and even if I want to wait until marriage, I know it’s going to be difficult. As embarrassed I am to admit it, (though I shouldn’t- it’s my biology), I know there will be times where I’ll want to just do the deed. And it’ll be tempting. So, for christian girls and guys, the #struggle for self control is #REAL.

At the very least, I want to love the person I share that part of myself with. I don’t really like the phrase ‘losing’, ‘giving’ or ‘taking’ someone’s virginity because it implies that by having sex with someone you love, you’re LOSING! The words are laced with aggression, like the virgin is subordinate, something to be conquered? And ‘giving’ makes it sound like ‘oh, here’s the privilege of having sexy times with me’. Well, yes and no. Because it should be as special to you as it is to me. It’s an intimate thing, making a beautiful connection physical. It’s sharing. 

Even with hooking up (kissing), I’ve made my mind up about it. Finally! It took me a lot of back-and-forths to realize what it is that I want. I want something real, genuine, emotional. And I don’t want to settle for anything less. How will I find a guy willing to wait? I guess I just have to trust God. If someone loves me, truly, and wants me in their life, it won’t matter to them when I am willing. That’s how you pick out the good ones!I can understand that sex is important, absolutely, 100%. But any man who values sex more than other kinds of intimacies is not the man want. It may be ‘naive’ to think this way in this day and age, but sex is not more important than 1) God and 2) Love.

If ya wanna kiss me, date me.


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