Tuesdays and other things

What better place to spend a post-mock-exam Tuesday night than in SOHO? We go to this place called Peel Fresco because Tuesday nights feature live music. And there he is breathing into the mic, with hair falling in front of his closed eyes. He’s completely absorbed in his creation, in the flow of the music carrying him from chord to chord. We wait for our drinks, alternating between listening and throwing each other a comment or two about his voice. “He’s really good”. We watch his hand pull his hair back. ‘You didn’t caall’, he suspends the note. The black man beside him is feeling the beat, bobbing his head, flicking his fingers as they glide down the strings of his bass. Sway. They’re on the same ride, floating somewhere we can’t touch. We both have a pint of Heineken beer in a tall cup; cold, bubbly, sweating.

We have to say something to those cuties.  She tells me I have to request a song to sing. As much as I hate to admit it, I can be shy and can only recite the lyrics to Happy Birthday with ease. She goes to the bathroom and I see that the cuties are about to leave. If I don’t say anything now, there won’t be another chance. As he comes close, I go “hey, leaving so soon?” He smiles, deepening his dimples, and says that it’s late and that they’ve been playing for a while. He introduces himself as Bambi (he’s French) and his friend (whose name I now cannot remember) comes over. We have a chat and they think I’m Columbian… which is new. Not long after, she comes out of the bathroom and I can tell she’s glad I said something. Trepidation takes you nowhere. What did we have to lose? Bambi yelled after us “see you girls next Tuesday!” And we have yet to go there again.

– – – –

We get two packets of extra buttery popcorn and a massive Cadbury chocolate bar. We browse through YouTube videos and best friend tags, and it doesn’t take long for the bowl to empty, save for a few disappointing kernels. We decide to watch old movies from the 2000’s, finally settling on The Pacifier. Helga is still the freakiest bitch. I’m happy. And I let myself feel the moment, with my fingers sliding over the keys of her laptop that give way to the pressure. Smooth. Bouncing.

– – – –

We get a huge jar of jelly. We’re so wild.

To remember.


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