Shoe flinging and cup shattering

I’ve been through enough to not feel devastated whenever something vaguely embarrassing happens. But because I’m clumsy, I’m prone to mishaps and curry-stained shirts. I’ve only just dug up this list that I made two years ago, hidden away in ‘Drafts’ on Tumblr.

Here it is:

  1. Tripping on nothing.
  2. Shattering cups or being caught doing something silly.
  3. Like dropping a packet of noodles and kicking it away, thinking no one is watching. But someone is always watching.
  4. The guns come out. The hand guns… I only do it when I’m nervous saying hello to someone (like a crush) and yeah, it’s not very normal.
  5. I’ve fallen off beds a couple of times.
  6. I’ve had my shoe stepped on and flung away… So I’m left behind in a group to find my shoe.
  7. I’ve gotten my school bag straps stuck in lockers and hooked onto gates or stair-handles. People have to wait for me to untangle myself before they can pass.
  8. Mid-sentence voice cracks. It’s worse when performing a song.
  9. I’ve almost knocked down a shelf of antique ornaments in a coffee shop.
  10. I’ve had balls smash me in the head. LOL. Sports.
  11. I say ‘Oh crap, Oh shit’ out loud when I run to imply to whoever’s around that I’m running for some urgent cause.

I guess cringe is a better word. And it’s pretty cringe when this happens:
Me: “lol don’t you think Kermit is such a terrible name?”
Friend: “hey, that’s my dad’s name.”

Once I was shopping whilst holding a bowl of noodles. I rested the chopsticks on the rim of the bowl and walked around, when all of a sudden, a boy with crossed arms fits one of the chopsticks between his fingers. Unknowingly, I go in for another bite of noodles but discover that one chopstick is gone… And in the hands of some poor, unsuspecting guy. What. I don’t think he meant to nick my chopstick but I was so embarrassed. For him or myself, I don’t know.

Once I was shopping for heels in ALDO in my school uniform, wearing crappy low-quality flats that were on the verge of breaking apart. I was with my bestie and they sort of treated me like her slave. Basically, they spoke to her about the heels I WAS BUYING. They did however, hand me the bag… Please, stop assuming that I’m merely the shoe-holder.

At around 9 years old, said bestie and I were obsessed with The Lizzie McGuire movie. We sang all the songs and knew all the lyrics off by heart with mics (combs) in our hands. When it was already too late, we found out that our brothers were peering in and giggling through the door. At the time, this was embarrassing. Now it’s adorable.

A more recent scenario was when two friends and I figured that we’d make the most out of waiting for an elevator. Determined to make it a good night, we start breaking it down. We dance and pull out all the ugly moves. We’re convulsing and flicking our hair when the elevator doors open with a group of people in it. We immediately try to cover our faces and stifle our laughter. “Well, you girls had a good night,” one guy says as he passes us. The night had just begun.

What is embarrassment? The feeling that others are viewing you as inferior to themselves? The fear of being judged and thought of as less awesome than you are? It’s impossible to feel embarrassment without other people being involved, isn’t it? It’s a social reaction. Seems to be a no-brainer that the more confident you are in yourself and your actions, the less embarrassment you feel.

Just a thought.


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