I Don’t Want ‘Forever’

‘A brief spark of souls found and connected for a quiet passage of time far too small to even measure…’ wowowow

Thought Catalog

I don’t want forever. It isn’t real, it isn’t tangible and it isn’t certain. I don’t want eternity. I don’t want to feel that frozen, empty touch that clings to the light-less places where the starlight can’t reach. I can’t see that far, it’s just too distant, too muddled and hazy to do more than guess at. To wonder after and occasionally dream about, but that’s not what I want here, with you. I don’t want that ominous blanket of eternity or a bunch of hollow promises and words; I just want this one moment of reality. I just want this rumpled bed of tangled limbs, faintly lit by misty yellow street lamps, our breaths mingling and our faces near. I just want to capture the faint scent of your soap mixed with the sweat from your skin, I want to linger in the aftershocks of your presence.

Will you…

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