I’ve learnt some new general things:

  • Hypocorism is the fancy term for ‘pet name’. I love hypocorisms and nicknames- they remove an awkward formality to introductions. And they’re fun and sweet, especially when adopted with a story or derived from an experience.
  • Airport security uses specific, casual-sounding phrases that code for different problematic situations (in America at least).
  • An old streambed was found on Mars and the minerals in the Martian bedrock were found to be composed of the chemical building blocks of life!!1! lol
  • A Slow Loris should not be a pet. Their venemous teeth are usually pulled out, they’re hard to take care of (can’t be potty trained) and they’re treated terribly by those who capture and sell them.
  • Boycotting is difficult (maybe even ineffective) because so many brands work in conjunction with other larger companies and organizations that subsidize them. You buy from one and end up befitting the other in some way. The interconnection is crazy. Apparently, Nestlé owns close to 8,000 brands.

I’ve learnt some self stuff:

  • Sometimes I wish I had a disorder so that I can blame my inadequacies/ failures/ incompetence/ laziness on it. It’d take away the blame and responsibility from myself to make a change. Sometimes I just don’t have the will power. It’s a terrible thing to wish upon myself (and one which I’d regret if it came true).
  • I’m incredibly anxious during holidays because whilst I try to enjoy myself, I keep thinking about work and productivity. When I get home, I don’t do anything to help the situation.
  • It really bothers me when people say things about me that I do not agree with, or have an image of me that I believe to be inaccurate. It can be something as small as ‘what? I thought you didn’t like dark chocolate’. The gap between my true self and what others perceive is something I’d like to reduce because… Because what? I’ll have to think about that.
    1. It means people don’t know me as well as I’d like them to
    2. It means I give off the wrong impression (and I don’t like to be at fault here for not being ‘myself’ enough).

I’ll be adding to the lists. Why do I bother to note these things down? I just want to remember and learn things outside of the tiny bubble I live in. I don’t want to learn to impress, to sound smart, to feel superior… No! That in itself was ridiculous to type. Why put in the effort for something so shallow and superficial? I want to learn because I am a genuinely curious person. I want to learn for myself because I want to know more and be aware of things that might not concern myself at all. I realize that’s something I actually like about myself. If anyone were to share their world with me, carrying interest in their voice, an excitement in their eyes, I would be absolutely captivated.


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