Hey, what’s funny?

Everybody loves funny people because everybody loves to laugh. It’s another one of those ‘best compliments’ to give and receive because it just is. It makes the heart expand and makes me smile inside.

But what makes something funny? Where is the line between amusing and funny?  There’s sarcasm and wit. There’s that crude humour that utilizes stereotypes and profanity. There’s randomness and the complete breaking of expectation. There’s dark humour and irony and self deprecation. There’s understatement and exaggeration. There’s the misery of others, the Omg So Relatable funny and the So Corny It’s Funny kind of humour, which basically follows the It’s So Bad It’s Good sort of paradigm.  I wonder if someone has made a list.

I shall make it a point to research laughter and the science behind it.

Found the perfect link actually: http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/laughter.htm
I love google.


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