Some recent firsts

It’s nice to keep track of all the new things. The small things that are, in their own ways, milestones of experience.

I don’t know why but I’ve always found little blemishes (like freckles) and markers of brokenness (like bruises) endearing. It’s lovely how the body carries records of too much time spent out in the sun and the results of spilt coffee and slippery floors as well as slight impressions of blunt furniture. Just the fact that you’ve broken a bone makes you a little more interesting because there’s a suggestion of a story behind how it happened. And well, I do love stories.

So, in some strange way, I’m proud of the fact that I chipped my tooth on Friday!!!!! The tradition involved in winning the Swimming Gala for school requires jumping into the pool, swimming across it, and copping a feel of the House Plaque. I had the honour of jumping into the pool, though in the frenzy of trying to swim with long sleeves and a heavy skirt against waves of chlorine pushed my way by the better swimmers (my eyes also suffered), I must’ve bumped into a line of floating buoys. Because as we were all smiling at the cameras on the other side, I felt my teeth grind across something with the texture of sand. My tongue felt the rough edge of my upper front tooth and realized woops I think I broke my tooth. Thank goodness it was just a minor chip- I think I can leave it to smoothen out after I pig out some more.

When the muscle in my foot was inflammed, I went to a chinese doctor. This was new for me, not because he was a chinese man, but because  he specialised in chinese medicine. He wrapped my foot in something brown and smelly and I basically contaminated the air wherever I went. It did the trick though!

Here’s what happened in a P.E lesson:

“Ugh do you smell that?” she scrunched up her nose.

“Sorry, probably my feet,” I smiled sheepishly.

She took a sniff of her matt again, looking a little embarrassed for me. “No, I think its the matt… it smells like spices.”

“Ha, I was referring to the medicine by the way.”


And we both couldn’t stop laughing. A result of the heat and the silly yoga poses, perhaps.

Just before the end of summer, I re-ignited my love for fire (see what I did there). I’ve always loved playing with candles, blowing them out and re-lighting them and watching the flames eat the wicks and blacken spoons. I’ve just always been too scared to pass my finger through a flame, so when I happened to find a lighter, I just watched, mesmerised by how my friend could pass his fingers through the flame with such ease and confidence. It took a good twenty minutes before I grabbed the lighter and challenged myself to do it.  Trust me, it was super intense and exciting- just dangerous enough. It gave me a sense of accomplishment, knowing that I had done what I was scared to do. Honestly, you could put me in a room with nothing but a lighter and I would have a blast. I played with that lighter so much I had blisters on a few of my fingers.

If you’re a tumblr-rer you’ve probably seen this quote/question: when was the last time you did something for the first time?

It should spark the adventurous spirit in you as it did in me. Why not add to the list of firsts? Expand your world view, experience more and live fuller.

I thank God for blessing me with the firsts that I’ve already experienced and for the many firsts to come.

Sobe xx


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