Another side thing

I’m forever adding new things onto my list of things to do.

  • learn how to play guitar properly
    – the guitar just sits in my room with its rusting strings and I have not made it past the ESSENTIAL chords (you know, the typical chord progressions for pop songs and contemporary Christian hymns i.e Gmajor and its friends).
  • make more music
    – I was on a roll at first, composing one song after another. But then I reached this creative block- a very large, blank wall.
  • start a blog
    – this is it. Oh look, my fervor in writing has decreased since the birth of this blog…
  • make a scrapbook
    – I realized how difficult this was after making one for my friend’s birthday. A year’s worth of pictures to arrange on fifteen pages was already enough to make me lose hope in my little proposal.
  • make vlogs
    – firstly, I do not have a good camera (the good cameras keep disappearing/ breaking) and secondly, editing can be such a pain
  • learn how to be a chef
    – I searched up recipes and watched YouTube videos late into the night (early morning), bought flour for pancakes, cooked salmon and roasted chicken during the first week of the summer holiday. And then I think I gave up because the food I make is not half as good as anything my grandmother makes.

The problem is here is clear; although I get excited to start new projects, I never finish or continue with them. I see this pattern in so many areas of my life and I’m destroying so many opportunities to grow, develop and learn. I quit ballet when I was younger because it was much too time consuming and it took church away from me on Sundays. I stopped playing the cello after the Grade 4 exam because I was too lazy to practice even though my teacher said I showed a lot of potential. Each time I said I quit and no too bad I give up, I deprived myself of a chance to find and cultivate a passion. Each time, I hammered another piece of wood on top of the box I’m in, adding to the layers of distance between myself and the wider world.

I admire people who are experts in a certain field of interest- people who pursue knowledge and are tireless, relentless in their curiosity and perseverance. I admire people who are great at what they love, whether it be it ballet, swimming, playing the guitar or cooking. Because the most successful people with the most to offer the world are the ones who are driven and resilient to challenges and countless disappointments.  It’s true that Most Things (vlogs, scrapbooks, blogs, guitar, cello, Chinese etc.) are difficult before they become easy and I need to remind myself that I can’t expect to be naturally talented at Most Things. I need the healthy expectation of failure and be challenged by the difficulty of novel interests. I will never get to where I want to be if I give up before I even truly start.

So no matter where you are in life right now, make yourself a goal and stick to it. Fight for it even when it feels pointless and boring (how I felt about Chinese) because you will end up with a wealth of experience and knowledge and maybe even a new language under your belt.

Good luck!

Sobe xx
P.S I literally love using brackets (parentheses)


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