Denial: I never get sick.

Cough cough cough.
Waves of pressure at the temples.

I didn’t think I was going to get sick merely from sitting in a sick person’s room for half an hour. I guess I should’ve noted the possibility as I spoke to her and watched her cough quite comfortably into the air in between sentences (especially since she’d probably been doing that night and day for about a week). I should’ve realized when I scanned the room and found balls of scrunched tissues scattered around her like wrinkled white petals. I should’ve, but I dismissed the very idea since I’m usually quite resillient to common colds and flus. So there I was with unwavering trust in my immune system, happily breathing germ-saturated air into my lungs.

See, I have this theory. I believe that people who are the most freaked out by germs are the people who are the most susceptible to sickness. The ones who take out their hand sanitizers before every meal and take the most care with hygiene seem to have the weakest immune systems. Obviously, I don’t roll around in dirt and I do value hygiene (like please brush your teeth and take a shower), but I have a confession: I don’t always wash my hands before eating. Maybe because I tend to use forks more often than not, but still… I’m not a huge germaphobe. Unless of course, I see a hair in my food or gunk on a plate. Yuck. So disgusting.

Anyway, to support my theory, my cousins have fevers all the time even though their parents fuss over them constantly, wiping and disinfecting everything that they touch. So, being #rachet sometimes isn’t so bad.  

🙂 Sobe xx


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