First week of senior year

Other than getting sick… I’ll try and condense my week:

  1. I was in my maths lesson pretending to do maths, watching the trailer for Kick Ass 2. I have yet to watch Kick Ass 1.
  2. I was thankful for what usually would be deemed as agonizingly long hours in school. That is what a week of tests does to you.
  3. I was reminded of how I always absentmindedly wonder off into another direction whilst talking to people. ALWAYS! My feet can’t help themselves.
  4. I chose to do a yoga lesson at school, thinking it might be fun. But no. I could’ve have fallen asleep doing the Child’s pose and I believe the Downward Dog screwed up my foot.
  5. Google helped me with self-diagnosis: I either have a stress fracture or an issue with nerve entrapment. :l
  6. I went to a cheerleading audition. Apparently, the ability to twerk = automatic acceptance into the cheerleading team. What. Half-white girls cannot twerk. The sooner I accept it, the better. Also, my foot got worse.
  7. Note to self: do not expect to get a table on a Friday night at Dan Ryans or Pizza express or any other restaurant for that matter.
  8. HOWEVER I was lucky and ended up eating quesadillas after half an hour.
  9. I can still hang upside down on monkey bars- an old trick that used to leave me struggling to come back down.
  10. I got myself a helium balloon from Dan Ryans and it made my day. My friend burst his. HA
  11. The weather here is so unpredictable! I was at the park by the mall and was suddenly pelted by heavy rain; the sky just gave up.  I usually like rain, the sound of it against the pavement or against the window, the feel of it, the way it sometimes drops so mercilessly that the world is veiled by a wall of diagnoal lines. Too bad I had already taken a shower and couldn’t really enjoy it.
  12. I slid down the railings of stairs and reminesced about childhood and about how much it hurt sometimes to slide down the other way.
  13. My friend wouldn’t let me pay for dinner. The note passed across the table back and forth, back and forth. So I sneakily slipped it into his pocket.
  14. I also had a Caramel Macchiato.
  15. I woke up at two on Saturday and barely did anything except watch the most recent episode of Suits (love) and finish Summer Break. It frustrates me how reality shows are scripted. I mean, why can’t they just change the genre and put it under another category? Such lies! Such beautiful lies… I’m enraptured by fake romance.
  16. Today, I went to church, Amaronies, and Page One. Revised for psych with Kwix!

I will be reading ‘Complete Short Fiction’ by Oscar Wilde, ’50 Psychology Classics’ by Tom Butler-Bowdon, ‘The Great Enigma’ by Tomas Transtromer and ‘The Mind Gym’ by Gary Mack shortly.

That would be all! Unfortunately not as exciting or as detailed as I had hoped.
From Sobe to Sobe to remember xx


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