A kind of introduction

Hi. I usually do hugs- no handshakes because my hands get sweaty and that’s never a good thing (I’ve given away my secret). So I guess I’m a pretty good hugger with all the practice I’ve had avoiding handshakes.

Since you now know a flaw of mine and I barely know you, perhaps it’s easier to trust me. My spanish teacher once said that upon introduction, spanish people like to ask about bad habits/ little flaws: ‘cual es tu vicio?’ I have no idea whether or not this is true, but I found it an interesting challenge to find a flaw that is neither too damning to any potential relationships nor too pretentious…
And I’ve come up with something kind of pathetic. But hey, I did give it some thought.

I should probably explain what I’m doing here. See, I tend to stutter sometimes and I’m not so great at stringing together words when I speak- I find I’m better when I write. But I think it’s a bidirectional thing; the better you are at writing, chances are, the better you will be at speaking eloquently. So that’s one reason.
Secondly, I want to remember those fleeting, hazy days. The ones that pass by too quickly, leaving you to struggle to remember what you had eaten for breakfast or where you had gone or what you had said. The ones that seem inconsequential and the ones that carry only a vague idea, like: oh yeah, I remember, it was a nice day. Nice isn’t good enough for me. I want rich, vivid imagery. I want to hear, see, and feel again. And I want to be more attentive the second time around because there is no better way to learn than from your past. Every moment counts. Ha and here I am typing up a post when I should be finishing work for the first day of school tomorrow.
Thirdly? I like writing. I will leave it at that because I really do have to get to work.

Byeeeeee xx
Sobe (cause why not use an ugly name)


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